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12 April 2011




This episode is a recording of Karen's talk, Sign on the Dotted Line: NDAs and Free and Open Source Software from the 2011 Linux Collaboration Summit.

This show was released on Tuesday 12 April 2011; its running time is 00:42:44.

Show Notes

Segment 1 (01:33)

You can download a copy of Karen's slides from the talk if you'd like to follow along.

Here's a listener donated transcription of one of the questions:

[indistinct] Signed up [indistinct] At Google you can opt out. Some of the people are You cannot actually [indistinct]

[29:53] On some NDAs you can have sections that say you are not allowed to use open source software and not allowed to write open source software, but the company is hiring you to do exactly this.

[30:12] In NDAs. I'm a consultant, and so I get a lot of NDAs on my desk. I know at least 5 large semiconductor companies who have this paragraph inside that forbid you to look at open source software and its clear that open source software is a clause for the death penalty when they're hiring you as a consultant to write drivers in the Linux kernel.

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