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September 4, 2013

[Get cast in Ogg/Vorbis
                                          format] [Get cast in MP3 format] 0x42: libVLC LGPL Relicensing


Karen and Bradley listen to and discuss Jean-Baptiste Kempf's talk from FOSDEM 2013, entitled Relicensing libVLC and VLC modules from GPL to LGPL.

This show was released on Wednesday 4 September 2013; its running time is 01:25:43.

Show Notes

Segment 0 (00:00:28)

Segment 1 (00:05:52)

Jean-Baptiste Kempf slides are available for this talk.

Segment 2 (01:03:20)

Segment 3 (01:21:00)

Bradley and Karen discussed the release of the ExFAT Samsung source code.

Tags: faif, FSF, licensing, copyright, LGPL

June 7, 2011

[Get cast in Ogg/Vorbis
                                          format] [Get cast in MP3 format] Episode 0x11: Corporate Licensing Decisions That Impact the Project's Community


Dan Lynch (filling in for Karen) and Bradley discuss a few examples where licensing decisions by companies impacts the health of the software development community.

This show was released on Tuesday 7 June 2011; its running time is 01:24:34.

Show Notes

Segment 0 (00:00:36)

Segment 1 (00:32:30)

Segment 2 (01:16:09)

Bradley thanked Dan, on behalf of Karen, for all his work to make Free as in Freedom possible.

Tags: faif, novell, commercial, licensing, copyright, LGPL, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Oracle, IBM

Free as in Freedom is produced by Dan Lynch of Theme music written and performed by Mike Tarantino with Charlie Paxson on drums.

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